A Better Way To Play

We all get up the next morning and go to work.

This winter join a league where you can play to the best of your ability in a safe environment. Play where fighting is a thing of the past, goons are weeded out quickly and games are fun every night. Play with us so you can choose your own schedule like home ice and have your games close to home. Play in the NCHL because we make it easy for you to run your team and if you ever need anything, you have your own account manager you can talk to. Registration is now open, find out more about the winter season and how to register. If you are looking for season fees, please have a look here.


NCHL started in summer of 2004 with a handful or hockey enthusiasts who wanted to play hockey in a different way, players who were tired of being subject to goons and fighting in other leagues. The intent was to create a safe environment where you can play your hardest, with character, respect and maturity, and yet get up the next morning and go to work. Today 5,000+ men and women play in Richmond, Edmonton Calgary, and Grande Prairie. Now we have championships, tournaments, all star games, and a programs for adults that have never played hockey before, because we believe hockey is fun first. Everyone should be able to play and enjoy the game as much as we do.

Beyond Non Contact

Hockey is a competitive game, incidental contact does happen from time to time. That being said though, if you bump into someone and knock them down, help them up and apologize. That is the kind of place we promote to our players. No one is making the NHL tomorrow, there are no scouts in the stands. So go out and have fun, be competitive, but do it in such a way that everyone else can still enjoy the game. We promote this philosophy and we design the rules to support it. The first rule we started with was the rule on fighting, there is no place for it at the recreational level, so we took it out completely. That’s right, we did! First fight and a player is suspended indefinitely.

Why Us

You have a lot of choice in where you get to play hockey, and of course we would like it to be with us. Do it because we are different, we care about how the game is played, we set up rules that weed out the troublemakers as quickly as possible and we do not allow them back in, if they are not ready to play the NCHL way. We know that parity is important to you and no one wants to get blown out every game, so we realign teams often, to make sure we achieve maximum parity in the league. This is not the NHL, so everyone makes the playoffs and has a shot at winning. Most of all, we love hockey and we encourage anyone to take up the game at any level. There is a place for you with us.

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