How to Register – Summer

Please follow these steps to register the team for the upcoming season.
When doing the online team registration you can put any amount for the deposit.
However, we do need your full deposit before you can pick your schedule, the sooner we have it from you the better schedule you will be able to choose.

    1. Register your team online
    2. Give us a $1,350 deposit to secure your team’s order for choosing your schedule. Pay nothing out of pocket, except your own team fees on Breakout then get your players to sign up and pay. We accept Visa and Master Card, you can make payment by sending us an email money transfer (team GMs only).
    3. Do you want better choice of schedule? The quicker we get your deposit the better choice you have when picking your schedule. The order we receive deposits in is the order we use to give out schedules (always first come first serve basis). So the sooner we have your full deposit the closer to the top of the list you are the better your schedule will be. This should be super easy, just get 3-4 players and yourself all paid up on Breakout.

Note: Team payment deadlines do not apply to individual player payments. This means that if you have a player on a monthly payment plan, we still apply the full portion of their fees to the team invoice.

Please review the team fees information that applies to your team. All teams are eligible for the early bird credits. However, only returning teams can qualify for the returning team credits. Your team has to have played with us at lease one season to qualify for the returning team credit. These credits expire on specific dates.